Friday, September 12, 2008

Get Angry, Fight Hard

Obama needs to take off his seeming-presidential hat and put on his old community organizer hat. He needs to stop being so lawyerly and professorial and become more grassroots.

And he needs to get angry and fight hard.

I told a colleague today that Obama's grassroots organization should make sure there are lots of people at every McCain and Palin rally yelling "liars, liars, liars" throughout the entire speech. He clearly balked and said meekly "isn't that kinda rude?'

RUDE?!! Rude my ass. This is our country we're fighting for. This is our future. If McCain wins, we all have to move to Canada or Costa Rica or wherever. So who gives a shit about rude? Do whatever it takes -- we have to win. Or America ceases to be.


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