Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doddering Old Fool

Some local hack of a columnist called McCain a "man of the people." Here's my response:

Who are you calling a man of the people? Surely not McCain! That doddering old fool has 8 houses and wears $500 shoes. He cheated on his first wife (who was disfigured and disabled in a horrible car accident while he was in 'Nam) with the rodeo queen and beer heiress who has made his political career possible.

McCain has never held a non-government job. He's never filled out a job application or tried to figure out whether to buy groceries or gas.

He's voted with W more than 95% of the time. His much-vaunted foreign policy experience seems to be based a world from 30 years ago. His current ideas are even more radical than W's. He's out of touch, borderline senile and would be a complete disaster as a president.

And his ads are juvenile and offensive. Eff McCain.


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