Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unfit for Publication

You should watch this -- Media Matters' Paul Waldman takes down that moron Jerome Corsi.

Corsi is a former Swift Boater (he co-wrote the book i 2004). He claims in this piece of trash that Obama is a drug-using Muslim. That any media outlet gives him one second of airtime is unbelievable.

Corsi is a fabulist. He's nothing but a liar. He's also a white supremacist, anti-Semitic and a complete right-wing radical. Here's more. Corsi has said he supports the Constitution Party's candidate for president. The Constitution Party are nothing but anti-tax, white supremacist nuts.

Just as the Republicans called on Obama to repudiate and reject Farrakhan (with whom Obama had absolutely no relationship), I call on McCain to repudiate and reject Corsi and his book. Oh, but when the media asked McCain about the book, his response was "gotta keep your sense of humor."

Grampy McInsane.


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