Sunday, June 08, 2008

Very Interesting Essay

Friday night, I was killing time in a Borders bookstore by reading the first two chapters of Rick Perlstein's new book, "Nixonland." It is really great -- wish I had the money to buy it and read the whole thing. Anyway, I remembered that long ago, I bought Perlstein's "pamphlet" called "The Stock Ticker and the Superjumbo: How the Democrats can Once Again Become America's Dominant Political Party." So, I read this Saturday morning -- and I highly recommend it.

His basic premise is that Democrats must invest in a long-term strategy to clearly identify (or brand, if you will) the tenets of liberalism, just as Republicans have invested 30 years of sticking to their guns (literally and figuratively) on conservative principles.

The Amazon blurb sums it up:
A majority of Americans tell pollsters they want more government intervention to reduce the gap between high- and lower-income citizens, and less than one-third consider high taxes to be a problem. Yet conservative Republicanism currently controls the political discourse. Why?

Rick Perlstein probes this central paradox of today's political scene in his penetrating pamphlet. Perlstein explains how the Democrats' obsessive short-term focus on winning "swing voters," instead of cultivating loyal party-liners, has relegated Democrats to political stagnation. Perlstein offers a vigorous critique and far-reaching vision that is a thirty-year plan for Democratic victory.

I recommend that you read this brief but powerful essay about how we can take back America.


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