Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why Clinton Doesn't Matter

And McCain for that matter. Both had the chance last night, with big TV audiences tuned in to see Obama on his historic night, to mesmerize an audience. And both came up miserably short.

McCain could've really made a pitch to independents, outlining his vision -- instead he looked like schmutz on green jello and his speech was so bad, even Faux Snooze couldn't find anything good to say about it.

And Hillary -- oh Hillary. She had a chance to say it was a good fight, but now its time to back Obama and move forward. But oh no -- she couldn't do that. She had to say she's not making a decision, while she tries some backroom deals (old school) to become veep.

(BTW, she's screwing Obama here -- she's sticking him with the choice of looking like the bad guy (for not offering the veep slot) and doing something he really doesn't want to do (putting her on the ticket). Either way, he loses. And either way, she wins: she gets on the ticket or else her supporters get pisssed and may hurt Obama's chances in November -- which increases her chances for a 2012 run. -- paraphrased from TPM reader CN)

Why did both Hillary and McCain come up short? Because they don't get it. They're old school players who don't understand that voters want genuine and transformative change. We want a movement like Kennedy had for liberals and Reagan had for conservatives. It is our time and Hillary and all the Dems like her need to be shown the door (as McCain will be in November).


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