Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I Was on Stephanie Miller This Morning

Stephanie Miller is a syndicated liberal talk show -- and incidentally, she is the daughter of Barry Goldwater's running mate (who was in the first of the American Express "do you know me" commercials). Anyway, her show is hysterical but I rarely get to hear it since it starts at 9am eastern. But today I was in the car listening and heard her arguing with her sidekicks about Hillary for veep -- Stephanie is against it, as am I. So I called in and got through. My argument is that the change Barack is proposing is transformational and that the Clintons just don't get it. They are ingrained in the old school ways of doing things, as you could see from how the campaign was run. So Hillary for VP jsut doesn't make any sense. We need another transformational thinker to be on the ticket and that ain't HRC.


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