Friday, June 06, 2008

I Was on Ed Schultz This Afternoon

Must be my week to be on the radio. Today, I was on the Ed Schultz show. He was talking about those silly women who are saying that they're going to vote for McCain since Hillary didn't win the nomination. I said that I was a white woman not much younger than Hillary and that the point at which I turned against her was when she said she and McCain had experience but all Obama had was a speech. And as we know, her rhetoric got much worse after that. I was so turned off by all the negativity in her campaign, plus the fact that she had no plan after Super Tuesday -- poor management. I also talked about how impressed I've been with Obama and the way he ran his campaign. I ended by saying "If you don't like President Bush, you're gonna hate President McCain."

Big Eddie and I talked for a little while and I said that I loved how Obama wasn't afraid of the Republicans and all the crap they throw at Democrats. I said -- on another topic they were discussing on the show -- that this is exactly what they are doing to Al Franken in Minnesota (by bringing up a satirical piece that he published in Playboy a decade ago and trying to make it seem as if Al were anti-women) and that Democrats just can't be afraid of this. Yes, the media acts like Pavlov's dog and responds to all this Republican crap, but just call it what it is and move on. Sheesh!


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