Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup and Superman

Went to see Superman again today (5th time) so I didn't get home until the World Cup was almost over. We did see the last 10 minutes of regulation, both the overtimes and the shoot-out. Asinine way to decide the biggest sports championship in the world. Of course, it was also terribly disappointing to see Zidane headbutt a guy and get red-carded.

Anyway, I loved Superman as much the 5th time as the 1st. I'll probably go again next weekend, although I have to say its a little more difficult to spend the money because A) the prints are getting raggedy and B) the audience is less attentive and, frankly, disgusting.

I see that Bryan Singer is going to ComicCon this weekend in San Diego -- hopefully, he'll announce the sequel, but who knows? When a piece of crap like Pirates can set a new record take ($132 mil in 3 days) and a great film like Superman is struggling with a total take of $142 mil after 10 days, you really have to wonder about the American movie goer.


At 11:13 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

I was disappointed that Zidane got the red card... but Materazzi had that headbutt coming, he deserved it. He twisted Zidane's nipple... Zidane did the right thing and he did it with flare. Viva la France.


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