Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The Canes are Stanley Cup champions! I was so nervous Monday night I couldn't even watch much of the game. I didn't even tune in until the second period. It was obvious the Canes were playing terrific -- Laviolette called it the game of their lives. Tuned in and out a few more times and finally saw the Cup presentation. YAY!!!

I'm wearing my official Stanley Cup championship "locker room" edition T-shirt today. Definitely not the one that says redneck hockey.

Yesterday's parade and ceremony was great -- very small town. Downtown is tore up, so they had it in the arena parking lot (I kid you not). The players were in cars and yes, pick-up trucks, and people could get up close, talk to the players, get autographs, touch the Cup. Very nice.

I still find it hilarious that its the first day of summer, 95 degrees and we're celebrating an ice hockey championship in North Carolina.


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