Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Superman Returns!

Saw it last night -- loved it, loved it, loved it! Quick thoughts: beautifully shot, fabulous directing by Bryan Singer. Good script, nice humorous touches, and I was very affected by the bad stuff that happens to our hero. Of course, great special effects and nice homages to the Superman mythology and to the previous incarnations.

Routh grows on you as Superman -- I can pinpoint my moment of conversion to loving him when he meets Lois on the roof of the Daily Planet. Spacey is very good as Luthor and Parker Posey is a hoot. But Kate Bosworth carries the film. I'm not kidding. I did not expect that at all. But think about it -- what does Superman have to do but look good and perform fantastic feats? He doesn't even have that much dialog. But Lois Lane has to represent everyone -- the people of Earth in the film AND the audience -- in her emotional reactions to Superman's absence and return. Plus, Lois has always been an odd mixture of fire and ice and Bosworth pulls it off.

Interestingly, as I read reviews, I notice that in general women are giving the movie higher marks than men. I'm sure you understand why.

Superman has always been my favorite superhero (I still have some comics I had when I was a little kid in the early '60s and I've been buying the DVD sets of the old George Reeves TV series which I totally loved as a kid). He's also very universal -- the audience last night was one of the most diverse I've ever seen.

Planning to go see it again today. This one was worth the wait!


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