Monday, August 02, 2004

Teresa = Jackie

I'm old enough to remember when Jackie Kennedy was First Lady. I most remember her worldly sophistication -- she knew about French food, fashion, art -- all the things that were so chic in 1960. She was widely admired for this sophistication. Now, we have a potential First Lady who has a worldly sophistication in Teresa Heinz Kerry. But the situation is vastly different, isn't it?

Back then, Jackie Kennedy was an idol to women -- smart, sophisticated, charming. OK, she didn't work outside the home but this was 1960, people. But Teresa is being seen as that word Barbara Bush called Geraldine Ferraro, you know the one that rhymes with witch.

Why is a smart, sophisticated, opinionated woman seen this way? Why is the country no longer charmed by worldliness and sophistication? Why are most Americans so attracted to "plain-speakin'" (dumb) cowboys and their stepford wives?

I for one would like a president (and first lady) who is sophisticated and worldly, not a backwoods rube (or a guy who plays one on the world stage).


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