Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wes Clark

Did you hear about his speech to the Democrats' first-ever Veterans Caucus? He said: "That flag is our flag. We served under that flag. We got up and stood reveille formation, we stood taps, we fought under that flag. We've seen men die for that flag, and we've seen men buried under that flag. No Dick Cheney or John Ashcroft or Tom DeLay is going to take that flag away from us."

The vets surged to their feet, cheering and applauding.

And this was interesting, from Salon:

For veterans like Peter MacDonald, the event was emotional and profound...(snip)...He used to vote Republican, he said, but he watched as the religious right took his party away from him. Now he's an independent, in the process of registering as a Democrat, and he'll vote for Kerry in November...(snip)..."Because he'll get us out of this damned mess in Iraq. He knows we shouldn't be there. He doesn't want any more Vietnams."


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