Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Bush: Flip Flopper in Chief

I was discussing the convention yesterday with a co-worker who mentioned seeing some protestors toting huge flip flop sandals, obviously aimed at promoting the right wing message point about Kerry being a flip flopper.

Well nobody tops W as a flip flopper.  Here's a list of issues on which he's flip flopped.  Click here to read the details.

1.  Social Security surplus
2.  patient's right to sue
3.  tobacco buyout
4.  North Korea
5.  Abortion
6.  OPEC
7.  Iraq funding
8.  Condoleeza Rice testimony
9.  science
10. Ahmed Chalabi
11. Department of Homeland Security
12. Weapons of Mass Destruction
13. Free trade
14. Osama bin Laden
15. the environment
16. WMD commission
17. creation of the 9/11 Commission
18. time extension for the 9/11 Commission
19. one hour limit for 9/11 Commission testimony
20. gay marriage
21. nation building
22. Saddam - al Qaeda link
23. UN resolution
24. involvement in the Palestinian conflict
25. campaign finance


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