Wednesday, July 28, 2004


I'm not able to watch the convention, since I work a second job at night to pay the bills. From what I can glean from the news, bloggers and, most importantly, The Daily Show:

Clinton was great and is still the greatest politician of our time.

Obama is the new bright light of the party (at least until Edwards speaks tonight).

Nearly everyone is working to be positive and upbeat, but the code words about just how bad Bush is are there for everyone to hear.

Democrats have a self-deprecating sense of humor (as witnessed by Clinton, Dean and others).

The media bites, big time. Did you hear about CNN's Bill Hemmer saying to Michael Moore "some people want you dead" and Moore saying to him, apparently off camera after the interview was over, "why would you say that? Would you say that to Kerry or Bush?"

Teresa Heinz Kerry speaks five languages and believes opinionated women should be seen as smart and informed.

The media bites, big time. Did you hear that Faux Snooze put up graphics while Ron Reagan was speaking that read "left school to be a dancer...sometimes appears on Animal Planet..."

Bloggers are the coolest and the media bites, big time.


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