Friday, July 30, 2004


I've been busy and haven't been able to watch much of the convention, let alone post.  But I did see much of Edwards' and Kerry's speeches.  I love John Edwards and his speech was very, very good.  I especially liked his stories of individuals and the repeated refrain "Hope is on the way."  Same with Kerry -- I like him telling about people he'd met on the campaign trail and the refrain "Help is on the way."  Hope and help are what we need right now.  I also liked Kerry bringing up and effectively dismissing the religion thing.   And I hope we hear a lot more of calling Bush to task on his record and on Republican manipulation of the media.

Obviously, I'm partisan, but I think the convention set the right tone for the campaign.  We're Democrats, we love America, we want a return to those true American values that unite us all.  I've actually been working on a piece for awhile now about the kind of America I want to live in, and much of what I've written corresponds to what Kerry and Edwards are saying.

I like the positive energy accompanied by the in-you-face attitude about Republican tactics.  We need to call BS on the media, too, every time we see it.

I donated last night (the last time you could give to the candidates, rather than to the DNC); it wasn't much but it felt good doing it.  I plan to place a Kerry-Edwards sign on my front lawn and a bumper sticker on my car.  And I'm asking every one of my son's friends if they are registered.  He just graduated from high school, so his friends are all 18 -- this election has the potential of being the most important one in their lives.


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