Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm Tired

I'm so tired of the madness that has gone on for the last 8 years that I cannot generate the outrage any more. Even though I continue to be outraged.

The reason that we're in the mess we're in now is 40 years (since Nixon and Reagan) of crazy conservative economics (Clinton did what he could, but Clinton is not a true progressive). But the media will never tell the masses this.

We need an economy that rewards businesses for attracting and keeping workers, not one that rewards businesses who slash workers in order to deliver ever-increasing profits to the investors who don't really work for a living, they just move money around amongst themselves. A giant Ponzi scheme that's bound to fail -- oh wait, it did.

And I'm so tired of it, I can hardly generate the outrage any more.

The stupid Republican senators who would put the country in jeopardy in order to make a stupid ideological point by refusing to support an industry the loss of which would mean the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and sure economic collapse. This is the culmination of the truly nuts Newt Gingrich school of non-government. But do you hear the media calling them what they are -- unpatriotic and deeply, deeply offensive? Nope, not a word.

And it makes me tired.

The ridiculous media focused on one dumbass governor and trying to paint Obama with that brush, instead of focusing on the very real and enormous problems we have and how Obama is working to address them.

But I can hardly generate the outrage any more.

My late father used to say "that makes my ass tired." I never understood the phrase, but I use it now because what has gone on for the last 8 years (really for most of the last 40 years since the Republican Party became the party of idiots who put ideology ahead of country and who simply have no interest in governing and whose raison d'etre is siphoning as much money as possible to the uber-wealthy) truly makes me tired.

It won't be over any time soon, given the idiots we have for a media in this country, but I still have hope Obama will inspire and move things forward. I have to have hope -- because I just can't continue being so tired I can't even muster the outrage any more.


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