Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Living in a Fantasy World

Read a couple of interesting takes today on why conservative radio (and the same could apply to conservative blogs and Faux News) actually hurt the conservative movement. The theory is that these entities have created an alternative reality -- one that is so much a fantasy world that the people who live in them can no longer understand what is really happening in the real world. Nor can they defend their own philosophy.

People who believe that Obama is a Muslim who faked his Hawaiian birth certificate and whose autobiography was ghost-written by a '60s-era radical and whose wife gave a speech in which she blamed "whitey" for everything are not able to put together coherent arguments for their side.

This is the Sarah Palin crowd -- no one but these nuts (and the media, which is obsessed with her when the vast majority of the public is NOT) could take a clown like Palin seriously.

Quite awhile back, liberal bloggers started calling themselves "proud members of the reality-based community" -- and it appears that is very, very true.


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