Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Villagers Speak

Its been amazing watching The Villagers (the Washington press corps) claiming that America is a center right country and Obama must govern from the center right. Uh, no.

First, in poll after poll, the vast majority of Americans agree with liberal values as long as they are not labeled liberal (the Repugnicants have done a great job of making the word liberal poison -- they are good at peddling hate, aren't they?).

Second, if Americans wanted to be governed from the center right, why the fuck did they not elect the center right candidate?!!! They elected the left candidate, so clearly they expect governance from the left.

I also keep hearing these morons say that Obama can't push too much change. Hilarious! This is why he was overwhelmingly elected -- he has a mandate for HUGE change.

We need a better media in this country. Sheesh!!!


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