Saturday, August 16, 2008


We've been watching a lot of the Olympics. Loved the opening ceremony --quite memorable. I especially enjoyed that idiot Matt Lauer telling us that it was intimidating that the Chinese have so many people.

NBC's coverage is frustrating because they don't show much of the sports that aren't well known in America. I miss living in cities that border Canada at Olympics time because the CBC presented a different perspective than American television.

Another weird thing about NBC -- the play-by-play coverage that is being done from New York. Baseball and soccer seem to be covered this way. And I never want to see beach volleyball again.

I've been thinking that in many ways, my world view was formed in part by the Olympics of the 1960s which I watched faithfully on ABC. I think that's when I became attracted to what has always seemed to me the more logical approach of the Europeans.

And hey I'm watching now and Canada has just won its first medal of these games -- a gold in women's wrestling!


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