Saturday, July 12, 2008

John McCain's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

If any Democratic candidate had had the week McCain had, the media would be in a frenzy. But, oh no, they were hooked on the Jesse Jackson silliness, so once again McCain gets away with it.

What happened?
  • Top McCain economic advisor Phil Gramm suggested that economic woes are basically a figment of our collective national imagination.
  • During a town hall meeting Monday in Denver, a Vietnam veteran, well-armed with facts (oh those pesky things) pointed out McCain's poor record on veterans' benefits.
  • McCain squirmed and hemmed and hawed when a reporter asked him about his supporter Carly Fiorina's comments that many insurance companies pay for Viagra but not birth control -- and pressed him on the fact that he has voted against insurance companies being required to pay for birth control.
  • McCain responded to a question about the increase in U.S. sales of cigaretttes to Iran by joking: "Maybe that's a way of killing" Iranians.
  • McCain told a Pittsburgh television station that he recited the names of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line while under interrogation in north vietnam. One problem with that remarkable anecdote? Every other time McCain has told that story... He's named the Green Bay Packers instead.

This segment on "Countdown" (with Rachel Maddow hosting) sums up McCain's very bad week.


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