Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Playing the Game

On Olbermann last night, Chris Kofinis (who was Edwards' communications director) said the way to counter the media hysteria over Gen. Clark's entirely appropriate comments about McCain's military service was to point out the hypocrisy of this when McCain has hired a former SwiftBoater (the hypocrisy being how the SwiftBoaters lied about Sen. Kerry's military service).


Sorry, Chris, you are sadly wrong.

The public thinks all politicians are hypocrites so argument that doesn't hold water. The way to counter the drum beating over Clark's comments is to change the subject to the fact that all this media (and right wing) hysteria has nothing to do with the price of gas or job losses or the health care crisis. This is exactly what Obama did in the sound bite leading up to Kofinis' Countdown appearance.

And, as Digby notes here, Democrats and liberals still just don't get how to play this game. They abandon Clark, running as fast as possible, and thereby let the right-wing nuts and the conservative-learning media dominate the angle on this story. Morons.

As Digby says, Gen. Clark is a hero for Kosovo. Point that out -- Democrats have military heroes too -- and you completely counter the tearing-at-chest outrage of the right wing nuts.

Geez -- when will we learn how to fight?


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