Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More on Clark and McCain

Honestly, its been amazing to watch even the truly liberal media types (like the Daily Howler blog) react just like the conservatives want them to on this Gen. Clark comments on McCain's service thing. (Only Digby seems to have gotten it right.)

McCain's record is unassailable? Really?

Dig this -- McCain blew up when a reporter asked him why his Vietnam service qualified him to be president. (wouldn't it be great to see McCain's legendary temper played in a youtube loop?!!!) Well? Why does it?

As noted by dday on Digby:

Clark touched a nerve here by questioning the assumption that McCain's biography can stand in for his judgment or policy prescriptions. He deflated McCain's entire rationale for his candidacy.

This Clark story may look like a win for him, but it's consumed almost a week of his campaign, which again is message-free, rootless and unfocused, without any overarching narrative or reason to be President other than "I served." He's angry when challenged about the substance behind the bio, and it comes off ugly.



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