Sunday, March 05, 2006

Joy in Royville

Well I can't say I expected it, but I am happy, happy, happy with UNC's win over Duke last night. These fantastic freshmen are incredible, and certainly Roy must be the top candidate for coach of the year for how he has molded them into winners.

I had the ESPN 1 broadcast on the TV but muted the sound and listened to Woody on the radio (unless you've lived in Chapel Hill, you have no idea what that means). It was strange because the TV was slightly delayed from the radio so Woody would call the basket before we saw it on TV. Weird. Also weird was the camera angle on ESPN 2 -- from behind the basket. I couldn't watch it.

I'll admit to taunting JJ last night after the game was over -- so sorry we beat you on senior night! He came into the bookstore I work at a few weeks ago -- he was quite handsome and very polite.

Now on to the ACC tournament (and good luck to the UNC women today).


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