Thursday, January 26, 2006

Marching Morons

I read an article about a professor starting a blog to rate students in response to one students started to rate professors. While I sympathize with the professors, since I see these moronic students all the time in the bookstore where I work, my take on this is that this is yet another symptom of American society's shift toward classism and away from equality. Basically, the way I see it is because of the tremendous costs involved, college is becoming available only to the wealthy. So you have a bunch of students attending school because they can afford to, not because they're qualified or interested. As for qualifications, these wealthy students can also afford intensive SAT tutoring and other experiences that help them qualify to get in -- but they aren't really capable of doing the work, nor do they care. Meanwhile, qualified and interested students can't go to college, at least not to major universities, because they can't afford it. It would be interesting if someone did a study on this -- I think this trend is in its infancy but will prove out over the next decade.


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