Monday, August 23, 2004

On the One Handedness vs. Truth

I believe it was Eric Alterman who first started writing about this "on the one hand" crap in the media, or maybe it was Josh Marshall. Anyway, its a good point -- the media is attempting to be "fair" by showing both sides of the Shifty Boat Liars story. Except there's this little buggery thing called TRUTH which is what the media should be focused on. And the Shifty Boat Liars have no basis in truth.

Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly's Political Animal writes about the time he was on a jury and found that many of the jurors were willing to believe ALL of the testimony presented as truth -- and so the jury was deadlocked. It wasn't until some of them finally realized that some of the testimony was not truthful (in fact, two people were lying) that the jury was able to reach a decision.

This is what the media is failing to get -- not everyone here is telling the truth so you have to dig to find out who is and who isn't. The military's records and the first-hand accounts of those who were there back Kerry's version of events; the Shifty Boat Liars are relying on heresay and out-and-out lies.

Its OK -- and in fact preferable -- for the media to call a spade a spade rather than engaging in this "on the one hand" BS.


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