Friday, August 20, 2004

But Its All Meaningless Anyway

David Neiwart is completely right -- this Shifty Boat Liar stuff is designed to do nothing but distract the media and voters from examining Bush's record and Kerry's qualifications:

OK, fellas, go ahead and have your fun.

After 10 years of racing after every right-wing smear planted in the press, we've come not to expect any better.Just let us know when you're done with the trivia, will you?

Because it's clear that for the chattering classes, that's all that matters in this election: Trivia.

The Swift Boat Veterans flap -- like the "Kerry affair with an intern" rumor -- is clearly just a smear about nothing. It's a meaningless he said/she said tempest, and it reveals nothing meaningful about the two men running for president this year (except, perhaps, the eagerness of one of them to stoop to condoning gutter-level smears because he has nothing else to offer).

Someday, you might start thinking instead about discussing issues that are meaningful to the nation's citizens in fundamental and substantive ways...


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