Monday, August 23, 2004

The Media Sucks

This whole Shifty Boat Liar thing would've died a long time ago were it not for our pathetic media (mostly TV in this instance; print, for once, has thoroughly trashed these guys). These are people who look good on TV but are not by any definition journalists. Pierce takes 'em down today on Altercation and its a fabulous read (scroll down for Pierce and read Eric on the way there).

"This is what you get. This is what you get when you get bullied by Mr. Murdoch's toy network into running an interview in which a woman makes unsubstantiated charges of rape against a sitting president, and this is what you get when you get played like a tin piano by a decades-long dirty-tricks campaign that culminated in an impeachment, and you couldn't report on the former because you were in the tank to the people bringing the latter. This is what you get when you loan your hard-won credibility to hacks and charlatans. This is what happens when you sell your craft out to celebrity, when being good on television is more important than being good at your job, when unconscionable slander is reckoned as genius because it moves the Nielsen needle. This is what happens when sneering schoolyard invective is reckoned to be actual talent because it comes with a Q rating. (Have a nice day, Tucker.) This is what happens when you run scared. Truth, literally, comes to matter not at all."


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