Friday, August 20, 2004

Is this Not a Democracy?

Many years ago (1968?), I skipped out of school to attend a Nixon rally in my hometown. I hated Nixon, but wanted to see him in action. I was not invited, did not have security clearance, did not have to sign a loyalty oath. I just showed up, got in and watched Nixon speak. In 1992, I saw Clinton and Gore on one of the stops of their bus tour. Again, no invitation, no loyalty oath.

This article about a woman being turned away from a Bush rally in Traverse City, Michigan, for wearing a teeny Kerry sticker is just one of many like it that I have read in recent weeks. It truly is amazing that in a nation of the people, by the people and for the people that lots of the people are aggresively refused the opportunity to see their own president.

The woman's quote says it all: "I really, truly wanted to have the experience of having seen the president and hear him speak, which is very important to me as a social studies teacher," she said. "How can anyone in the United States deny someone entry? Isn't this a democracy?"


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