Friday, August 13, 2004

Al Gore Invented the Internet

No, he didn't say that. But you've heard that a million times because the Republicans worked very hard in 2000 to pass on that and other ridiculing memes. They're at it again against Kerry and that's why its so, so important to stop them every time they throw one of these out there. They killed Gore with this crap and we can't let it happen again.

The "sensitivity" thing is just the start. Be prepared -- this stuff is not funny, so don't laugh it off. Fight back!

This reminds me of something else Clinton said on The Daily Show Monday which is that every time the Republicans threw something at him, he fought back. That's what we must do now.

Don't let them plant these memes. Correct any person you hear say this and consider writing letters to any media outlet you see/hear repeating this without context. We have the power to stop this now, so let's do it!


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