Friday, August 13, 2004


As part of the Republican campaign to smear John Kerry through humor and other means (just as they did to Gore), Cheney is giving speakign mocking Kerry for using the word "sensitive" when Kerry spoke about his ideas on the more mature and effective ways we might fight the war on terra. Of course, the blogosphere immediately found instances of Bush using the same word. And The Daily Show last night juxtaposed clips of Cheney's diatribe and Bush's statement. Very funny.

BTW, if you're not watching The Daily Show, please start. Its essential viewing this election season. Last night featured a hysterical bit with Robb Cordry "reporting from Najaf" and insisting that US troops caution in this holy city of Islam was not due to "sensitivity" but instead to "sensi-tough-ity." So, so funny!


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