Thursday, August 05, 2004

90 Days

I believe that today marks 90 days until the election. What are you doing to ensure the election of Kerry-Edwards? Here are some suggestions:

1) Register to vote. Make sure everyone you know is registered. Talk about the importance of voting. Do not let a single voter miss this opportunity.
2) Donate money -- any amount -- to the Democratic National Committee (you can no longer donate directly to Kerry since he is accepting public funds). Don't tell me you don't have any spare funds. You can donate $10. Do it.
3) Volunteer -- you can sign up at Don't tell me you don't have any spare time. You can volunteer for an hour once a week for the next 3 months. Ask your friends to volunteer as well.
4) Get a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker and display it on your car.
5) If you own a home, get a Kerry-Edwards sign and display it. If you don't own a home, get a sign and put it in a window of your apartment.
6) Get a Kerry-Edwards button and wear it wherever and whenever you can.
7) If politics comes up in your office or in social settings, make the case for your candidate. Its not hard to do -- and be positive and upbeat, just like our candidates. There's lots of good info on
8) In those settings, also point out how the media is not treating the candidates fairly -- most people hate and mistrust the media anyway, so you'll just be reinforcing that the media sucks and people should work harder to get information about the candidates and their positions.
9) Go see Fahrenheit 9-11 with a group of friends. If you've already seen it, go again or buy a ticket and donate it to someone.
10) Be assertive -- this election is probably the most important one of your life. I've been voting since 1972 and I know that no election in my lifetime has been as critical to our country's future as this one.

Please, get out there and do something. We have 90 days to end the madness and restore our country to greatness. Thanks.


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