Thursday, August 05, 2004

Kill That Meme

Arm yourself -- as committed liberals, we must be ready to kill those ridiculous memes the conservative noise machine puts out there. Previously, I have mentioned the website Winning Argument, which is a great resource for rebutting a variety of conservative nonsense.

Here's an important point for you to remember: when a conservative spits out the meme that John Kerry has been an ineffective senator, ask how many bills Dick Cheney got passed in his decade as a congressman. The answer? 2. Two bills -- and one was just for one constituent. John Kerry's tally is 57 bills. Remember -- 2 bills for Cheney. 57 for Kerry.

And here are 3 major Kerry accomplishments:

1) Iran-Contra. Pushed the investigation through when the Reagan Republicans wanted to cover it up, by getting Jesse Helms to go after the drug angle. His people did the hard investigating, although when the scandal finally broke he was not named to the Iran-contra committee for political reasons.

2) Reconciliation with Vietnam. Kerry showed that there were no remaining POWs and restored normal relations.

3) BCCI. Kerry investigated and exposed the terrorist money laundering and other skanky actions of the BCCI back in 1992.

Arm yourself! Fight back!


At 11:56 AM, Blogger wackychimp said...

Winning Argument is a great site. Thanks for linking it.

I too wasn’t in the least bit shocked that by the Monday morning after the DNC (just in time for the network morning talk shows) we had a new terror threat. But to be based on 3 year old information???? That’s absurd. Why isn’t anyone out there calling bullshit on that one? To me, that’s sooooooo transparently pre-planned that it’s almost embarrassing for Bush.

Again with the media… It seems to have been mentioned only at the end of news coverage about it.



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