Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No Sense of History; No Sense at All

This morning on the local NPR station, I heard something like this (which I assume was a line sent by NPR for local anchors to read in the local breaks during 'Morning Edition' promoting an upcoming segment):

"Senator Obama's visit to Germany has all the religious fervor usually reserved for a visit by the pope."


First, there isn't anything remotely religious about this.

Second, Germany has very few Catholics (remember Martin Luther?) and would not exactly get all worked up about a visit from the pope.

That reminds me of living in Buffalo, a very, very Catholic community, where there was a priest named Father Goldberg. Yes, he was German. Of course, most Americans perceive Goldberg as a Jewish name, as I did, so I found a Catholic priest named Goldberg to be incongruous.


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