Saturday, January 27, 2007

Very Funny

From Alterman:

The great William Shatner in Time:

[Q:] Babylon 5 actress Claudia Christian recently gave an interview in which she accused you of once making advances on the set of T.J. Hooker.

[A:] Well, who am I to tell a lady that she's a liar. I have no recollection. I'm sure it was memorable for her, though.

Note: Time apparently sent an interviewer who had no idea that Shatner's Has Been is actually a terrific album; the best single album of 2005, as I recall. Sheesh.

(I agree -- I LOVED Has Been.)

Ban These Words!

These words should be banned from the English language:
  • yummo
  • sammies
  • stoup
  • EVOO

And who says all of these ridiculous things?

Rachael Ray. Ugh.

I read an article in The New Yorker (I think) about the Food Network as porn (so true) that noted that a whole lot of her "recipes" are loaded with blue cheese and bacon. What doesn't taste good with blue cheese and bacon?!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Won't Get Fooled Again

So nothing new from President Coocoo Bananas except big time chimp posturing toward Iran and Syria. And an attack this morning on an Iranian diplomatic mission in northern Iraq. Is he delibrately trying to bring on the apocolypse or rapture or whatever? My son turns 21 today -- where will I send him to escape the inevitable if this moron provokes a major conflict in the Middle East? The other thing that is so bizarre about Shrub's proposal is that its just a band-aid -- its not enough troops to really do anything that we haven't done. Please, Congress, stop him. 75% of the American people oppose this -- please, save us!