Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Low Can You Go

One -- well, I was going to say unintended but who knows -- effect of the Bush presidency is the general lowering of expectations from our leaders, particularly the Republican ones. They already get away with far more than any Democrat could because so much of the media is in the bag for them. But its become increasingly difficult for the public to get exorcised about the stupidity of politicians since Bush has set the bar so low.

Sen. George Allen (Cracker, Virginia) ths week called an American of Indian (as in India) descent a "Macaca" which turns out to be a Spanish slur, used throughout Europe, for dark skinned people. He is now dancing fairly frantically to move media attention off of this without apologizing (because to do that would upset his base of crackers).

Prior to Bush, a comment like that would seal Allen's fate. He would never be president. But now when a complete moron like Bush can be president (albeit not necessarily elected) then you can't even ask the question "Is George Allen too stupid to be president?"


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