Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ooooh, Scary

A person I work with said in a staff meeting on Tuesday that the "terrorists" in England were caught using "those wiretaps that people are opposed to." Oy. Where do I begin?

First, that is wrong -- those guys were caught by British law enforcement and they have different wiretapping laws there (not to mention Pakistani intelligence, which is really what tripped them up).

Second, the objection is not the wiretaps, its the refusal by the Bush administration to obey law and go through the FISA courts.

And third, there really wasn't much going on in this so-called plot -- most of those guys didn't even have passports and no tickets had been bought. It was, yet again, a big deal made out of what will likely turn out to be not much.

Sheesh, when are we going to stop letting the government scare us to death?


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