Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stand for Something

There seems to be a split among Democrats: those who think we need to establish who we are and what we stand for in the minds of voters and those who say we need to win elections. The latter are fools -- we will never win elections if the voters don't perceive us as principled and gutsy and an alternative to the creeps currently in office. It doesn't matter if you win elections with morons who don't vote for what our party stands for (like any Democrat who voted for the bankruptcy bill is not someone deserving of the support of most people in America who will be adversely affected by it). The Republicans spent 30 years losing elections but making their case -- now everyone knows what they stand for, or at least what they want us to think they stand for while they hide their true agenda (they'd lose every election if it was generally understood that they support the rich and big business and are fucking over the rest of us). That's also why the fight over Alito was important -- not that we could ever stop him from becoming a justice, but so that when he and Roberts and Thomas and Scalia begin changing our way of life, it would be clear to voters who to blame -- and it wouldn't be the Democrats who fought against the guy. So its not all about winning elections -- its about making our party boldly different from Republicans, vehemently for the little guy and loudly in opposition to what Republicans are doing to destroy our way of life. If we do that, winning elections will follow.


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