Monday, September 19, 2005

Keeping Us Safe

I skimmed through a speech John Edwards gave over the weekend about the Working Society or whatever he calls it. Its a great idea and a great counter to Bush's ridiculous ownership society (as in owe).

But it seems to be that the real issue for those dumbass Americans who voted for Bush that has been revealed by the New Orleans disaster is not that we have poor people (Kanye West was slightly wrong -- Bush doesn't care about anyone but the wealthy) because those dumbasses don't care about the poor.

What Democrats ought to be harping on is that Bush can't keep us safe and secure, and if things go wrong, he can't fix 'em. Personally, this doesn't resonate for me, but security has never been my issue. It is, however, a major issue for a lot of Americans. Its why they chose Bush over Kerry -- because they had been convinced that Bush would keep them safer. What New Orleans has revealed is that he actually can't.

The issue is not that it was a natural disaster, so who could protect against it? The issue is the horrible lack of response afterward. What Democrats need to do is make sure every American fears that the same incompetent response would happen to them should they be affected by either terrorism or a natural disaster.


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