Sunday, September 11, 2005

Funniest Telethon Moment

I watched both of the Katrina telethons Friday night. Loved that Randy Newman opened the one that was on several networks with his song "Louisiana 1927." I'm going to see him live in my hometown this Friday and I hope he does that song.

I wondered why the heck John Fogerty wasn't there, since two of his songs were done by other performers.

I also watched a good chunk of the BET telethon which was much earthier, of course. Clinton called in which was a hoot. And Queen Latifah was a riot as the co-host (with Steve Harvey).

But, my absolute favorite moment was when Chris Rock introduced the rapper The Game by saying "We've been doing this for the victims of Katrina. Now here's one for the looters." I laughed out loud for a long time about that one.


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