Thursday, September 15, 2005

More on Americans as Know Nothings

An anthropology professor becomes a student to find out why her students are so disinterested and disrespectful. She writes that they rarely talk about school subjects, "that more frequent topics are "bodies, bodily functions, and body image," relationships, personal history, pop culture, alcohol and drug experiences. When they did talk about class, it was to complain about the amount of work, compare grades and test answers, and assess their professors attractiveness or likability." She says there is almost no intellectual discussion -- to do so is considered way too dorky.

I see these kinds of kids all the time at my bookstore job. They are dumb as freaking doors with absolutely no intellectual curiosity. They're going to college because daddy has enough money to pay for it, but they are not really interested in school. They do just what they need to to get by. And the worst thing is they are freaking arrogant jerks. The youth of America -- not very impressive.

This lack of intellectualism is a huge problem in America. We've become well trained to be massive consumers and not think too hard. We talk about celebrities as if we knew them (obsessively, really). And most bothersome to me is that adults -- grown-ups -- still act like they were in junior high in terms of relationships, emotional reactions, etc.

This pattern of immaturity is a major factor in why bozos like Bush can get elected. Just when we need people to be educated, informed and involved, they are content to be led, cow-like, fat and happy, as long as they can fill their homes with cheap crap at Wal-mart and fill their ample bellies with cheap crappy fast food. No wonder the country is going to hell in a hand basket.


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