Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Straw Man

Can I just tell you how fucking stupid Amy Sullivan is? I can't stand her. She is so blinded by her religiousity, her fucking moral values, that she can't see the forest for the trees. She started an argument yesterday (again) claiming that Democrats must appeal to those voters who are upset with popular culture. Huh? Those voters are a tiny minority and are not ever going to be ours to pick off. So who the fuck cares?

The whole moral values thing is a straw man anyway. What we really ought to be doing if we care about families is addressing the following REAL problems: the decline of real income for middle class families, rising prices, the way the rich are getting away with not paying their fair share (which is causing state and local governments and therefore schools, not to mention other services, to decline dramatically), the usury that is turning the middle class into a permanent debtor class, the lack of adequate and affordable health care, the problems with child care, etc. etc. etc.

Instead, Miss Moral Values is throwing up this straw man. Ridiculous. She's co-habitating with a guy named Noam so to make her happy I think we should start calling her Ofnoam. Because that seems to be the kind of America that would satisfy her.

Here are some people who kicked her butt:

Matt Yglesias
Steve Gilliard
and about a bazillion commenters on Washington Monthly's Political Animal, including me.


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