Friday, April 08, 2005

Assault on Democracy in Mexico

Most likely, you haven't heard about what's going on in Mexico. After all, some voodoo king died so the media has gone ape-shit (even though their own polls show no ones cares -- CNN had a poll this morning that indicated that something like 75% of survey takers did not watch the pope's funeral).

Anyway, what's going on in Mexico right now is an assault on democracy. Details here.

Basically, Bush's buddy, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and his cronies are going after Mexico City Governor Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is -- what a coincidence! -- Mexico’s leading presidential candidate for the 2006 contest.

Lopez Obrador is being charged with a technicality -- defying a court order about paving a road -- as a pre-emptive strike, a way to keep him out of the presidential race.

And don't think the Bushies aren't involved in this.

Unable to play and win by the rules of democracy – a word that supposedly means that the people decide their destiny – Fox and the PRI (urged on from Washington from the very day that Condoleeza Rice, in January, took the helm of the State Department) are likely to win a battle today – a vote in Congress – to declare López Obrador guilty until proven innocent and rob from the Mexican people the right to nvote for him – he now towers 20 points, at 44-percent in the polls, over his nearest rivals – to be their president next year.

There is little question in this correspondent’s analysis that the pressure on Fox and the PRI to cement their little coup d’etat today comes from above, from the Bush administration in Washington, which has decided it cannot abide another democratic decision by another large Latin American country that would place Mexico with Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela (among others such as Uruguay) in a Bolivarian bloc of resistance to the imposed policies from the North.


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