Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Please Call Your Senator

Within a few days, Senator Frist, the Republican majority leader, will initiate the “nuclear option”: making President Bush’s judicial nominees immune to a Senate filibuster.

This would make the nomination and confirmation of judges a controlled, one-party affair.

This is very dangerous and has consequences that will reverberate across America for decades to come.

Please contact your senators TODAY. In polite and respectful language, make it clear that as one of their constituents you are counting on them to oppose Senator Frist’s dangerous plan to deny millions of Americans any meaningful voice in decisions vital to America’s future.

In North Carolina:

Senator Burr’s office can be reached at:

Senator Dole’s office can be reached at:

This is very, very important. There is a lot on the line here. We must prevent the Republicans from taking a very dangerous course. Remember, we are fighting for the strength and vibrancy of democracy itself.

Imagine a world in which every appointment to the judiciary is a one-party exercise.

Imagine the kinds of judges that will sit on the federal bench and the Supreme Court if George W. Bush doesn’t need a single Democratic vote.

Imagine the kinds of decisions those judges will make that will directly affect your life and your constitutional rights.

Call TODAY!!!


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