Tuesday, April 05, 2005

National Champs!

Yay! The Tar Heels are the National Champions in college basketball!

It was wild watching (via TV) 45,000 people converge on downtown Chapel Hill last night. Crazy.

This morning I went to my local sporting goods store and waited for over an hour for the T-shirts to arrive. Finally gave up.

Of course, there's a political bent to all of this. Another person waiting bent my ear for at least 20 minutes with his conservative diatribes. The funny thing was, he expected me to agree and obviously didn't even consider that I might not. The worst of his vitriol was that Muslims are moving out of New York City and into upstate cities -- where they immediately go on welfare. Oy.

Yay May and the rest of the Heels! Woo hoo Roy!


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