Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Voodoo Practitioner Dies

This is the headline I want to read about the pope's death. A guy who leads an organization that engages in promoting and encouraging superstition and belief in the supernatural, who opposes scientifically accepted theories and practices, and who participates in the oppression of women dies and "the world mourns." Puh-leeze.

Now, I do commend the pope for his commitment to economic justice. And I find it typical of the chutzpah of the conservatives that they are attempting to attach themselves to the pope's conservative coattails on issues such as abortion and stem cell research -- while diligently ignoring the pope's opposition to the Iraq war and to the economic policies the conservatives are so fond of.

Anyway, its ridiculous the hoopla surrounding this guy's death. If Catholics care, fine, but for the rest of us, we should note it with about the same attention we will give the death of any head of state -- which is not much.


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