Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Kwitcher Bitchin'

I'm with Digby on this one -- quit bitching, put on your game face and go out and win this thing!

"Kerry has every reason to be hopeful. Indeed, there is good reason to believe that Bush's ephemeral lead is shrinking as we speak. It's a nailbiter, but it is far from over. I just wish that Dems could put on their game faces and try to sell the guy a little bit instead of constantly writing his epitaph. He's really a good man, you know. He's spent his life in public service, trying to do the right thing, working hard and carrying our agenda. He's our most liberal nominee in decades. He's smart and energetic and he's never been tainted by corruption or scandal. Is it so hard for Democrats to get behind a man like this..."

Too much handwringing -- stop! Exude confidence.

Too much backbiting (I still want DeeDee Myers and George Stephanopolous shot) -- stop!

We can win, but we must focus (stay on message) and express confidence in our ultimate victory.


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