Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Bush Failure in War on Terror

Please, John Kerry -- no more speeches about health care or assault weapons or jobs. We all know that stuff is whack and that you have plans that will fix all of it. But Bush will win because people perceive him to be stronger than you in the war on terror. So from now until Nov. 2, talk about nothing else.

Its Bush's favorite -- actually his only -- topic. Make it yours, too.

Remind people of what Bush said before the war -- that we'd be welcome with flowers and candy. Contrast that with what is really happening in Iraq now.

Constantly remind them of how incompetent Bush and his team have been in Iraq, with failure after failure.

Talk about the 1,000 plus dead Americans. What were their lives sacrificed for? Get Iraq back on the front page and lead story on TV news.

Emphasize the now commonly acknowledged lies Bush and company told to get us into this mess. Bush is not trustworthy!

Don't ask (as Reagan did) "Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?" Ask "Do you feel safer now than you did 3 years ago?" And since most of us, even Bush supporters, can answer "NO!", make sure they know who is to blame for that.

Bush is a bad president in the war on terror. America is not safer and in fact is more vulnerable than ever. Bush has no plans to make us safer.

John Edwards can give speeches on that other stuff -- all you talk about is the Bush failure in the war on terror. Come on -- say it over and over and over and say nothing else.

You are not safe in the war on terror, my fellow Americans, and Bush is to blame.


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