Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Fight, Fight, Fight!

I agree with Athenae -- its time to get out there and fight like hell to win this election.

"Run these ads: Pet Goat footage, spliced next to the Twin Towers burning. Bush, saying we'll win the war on terror, and Bush saying we can't. I want the coffin photos and the words Bush's War on my television every time CNN cuts to commercial, and Fox, too. Not just in battleground states. Everywhere. I want it known across the land, so that no single Bush voter can go to the polls and cast that ballot without knowing what a craven administration they support."

"I want Wesley Clark impugning Bush's military service on every morning show in the land. I want Terry McAuliffe to shove Zell Miller out of the party in prime time and I want other Dems to shun him in public and possibly throw rotten fruit. I want repeated showings of Bush being unable to pronounce Abu Ghraib, and Lyndie England's charming photos, on my TV 24-fucking-7."

"This little fantasy scenario, by the way, is why I'm not in politics anymore. I realize huge swaths of it seem unrealistic and foolish. But c'mon, is it all that different from what the Republicans have been doing to Kerry for the last few months?"

I know it ain't gonna happen either, but I want more spirited fighting back than I see now.


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