Monday, August 30, 2004

$70 Million and It Didn't Work?

That's what Ruy Teixeira is saying in this post on his great site Donkey Rising (The Emerging Democratic Majority). Key points:

"...the four major polls conducted since August 20th do not reveal any consistent or substantial pro-Bush swing such as would be expected from a successful attack on John Kerry's war record and character during the week and a half before."

"Americans did not buy Bush's transparent attempts to pretend his campaign was not involved with the smear. The Gallup poll showed that more Americans think Bush is responsible for the commercials (50%) then do not (44%) and 56% think he should specifically denounce them while only 32% think he should not."

"Count on it, the Bushies are now very, very nervous. This wasn't the way they had it planned."


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