Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Religion and Science

Which of these two headlines, featured on cnn.com under Science, is A) actually science and B) more important in our body of knowledge?

Scholar claims to discover cave of John the Baptist

Cassini spies 2 new Saturn moons

I guess you can call the first story science if you think its about archaeology, but is it truly important to attempt to reinforce mythology in this way? After all, what is mythology but a religion that is no longer believed in. If you believe, where's the need to prove (via science) what you belive really existed or occured?

Yeah, I know, I'm really on the anti-religion bandwagon lately. And I have friends and acquaintances who are very religious and yet liberal, tolerant, progressive, etc. So I'm not saying all religion is bad and all religious people are morons. I am saying that fundamentalism is wrong anywhere, any time. And I have a hard time understanding why people cannot do a yin-yang thing when it comes to religion and science. It seems not only entirely possible but preferable that you seperate religion from science. So you can have a religious life in church or family, but a scientific one in career and community. You wouldn't much trust a doctor who applied his religion -- faith healing -- to cure you instead of employing science and technology, now would you?


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